Jeffrey Martin releases new album Saturday, Portland, Alberta Street Pub. And is invited to perform at SISTERS FOLK FEST

Check out Jeffrey Martin at his album release show Saturday Aug 30th at Alberta Street Pub in Portland.   Martin will be joined by esteemed fellow songwriters Hip Hatchet and Vikesh Kapoor. 

  PORTLAND MERCURY on the title track from the new album:  "It's Martin's voice and words that drive this one home, with lines like "A man is only a man until he isn't." This one sticks with you."

              Portland Mercury

   ALSO Sisters Folk Festival has invited Jeffrey back to perform two days at the festival.  Catch him Saturday and Sunday on various stages (consult the trusty guide.) Festival runs September 5th, 6th, and 7th. 


   Jeffrey Martin has teamed up with beloved Portland label Fluff and Gravy Records to record and release a new album due out in mid August.  This is an ambitious, 15 track album, and Jeffrey brought in some of the finest musicians on the west coast to join him (Anna Tivel on fiddle, Sam Howard on bass, Kai Welch on trumpet, and Jody Redifer on drums.)  The official Portland release show will be at the Alberta Street Pub on August 30th. 

Jeffrey Martin teams up with Fluff and Gravy Records of Portland, OR.

   Jeffrey Martin has joined the greatest little record label there ever was, Fluff and Gravy Records.  He is releasing a new album with them in August, entitled Dogs in the Daylight.  Fluff and Gravy is made up of John Shepski and Chad Lanning.  They remember back to their childhoods when they bought records based on the labels they trusted.  They took chances on artists they had never heard of because they trusted the integrity of the labels behind them.  It's their dream to return that same trust to folks today.  Jeffrey recorded his entire album in their in-house studio (which is packed full of some of the coolest analog equipment ever.)