Had a killer time playing for the students and faculty at Pagosa Springs High School.  Big thanks to Bob Hemenger for inviting Anna and I to come down.

 Pagosa Springs High School in Pagosa Springs, CO

Pagosa Springs High School in Pagosa Springs, CO

Let the 2018 Touring Begin

After a good breather at home, the tour machine is revved and ready, and kicks off with an inland Northwest tour with my good buddy Taylor Kingman.  Few songwriters can cut straight to the bone like Taylor does.  He can break your heart and mend it again in 3 short minutes. 

We're teaming up with Marshall McLean and the Holy Rollers at the Bartlett in Spokane 2/3

And Craig Marker, a great songwriter out of Seattle, at the FREMONT ABBEY in Seattle 2/9

Here's the tour schedule, full details on shows page, see you out there :  



On the Road Again

Bunches of new shows announced, and many more on the way for the spring and summer.  First off, I'm sharing a tour with good buddy and hellofa songwriter Taylor Kingman, Feb 2nd through the 11th.  We'll be hitting WASHINGTON, MONTANA, IDAHO, and OREGON.   Near the end of that tour we hit Seattle to play a show with local musician Craig Marker at the FREMONT ABBEY.   

             Tickets just went on sale!   CLICK HERE TO GET 'EM .  Feb 9/Fremont Abbey


So Thankful for Matthew W. Kennelly

   A young photographer based out of Seattle contacted me a while ago asking if he could tag along on a tour I am sharing with Bart Budwig for a few weeks.  His name is Matthew Kennelly.  I took a look at some of his work and instantly said yes.  He has an uncanny eye for capturing people in a way that is profoundly affecting--- he somehow gets their stories, their movement, their faults and glories all crammed into a single shot.  And I'm honored to have him on the road with us.  At just 22 he has the understated grace of a seasoned photographer, hanging back, unnoticed, getting all the real shots without disrupting the scene.   I'll be highlighting some of his work here over the next few days.   Right now, you can find a collection of his work at:

W W W . F O R T V A N I T Y . C O M







Warming Center Benefit Show in Eugene, OR Dec. 9th

If you find yourself in the Eugene area on December 9th, I hope you'll join me and many other songwriters at Tsunami Books (on Willamette St.) for the annual benefit concert to raise money for the Egan Warming Center.  All donations go directly to the good folks who run the Egan Warming centers every winter so that people who call the street their temporary homes this winter will have a warm, safe place to escape the worst of the winter weather.  

 "The Egan Warming Center was started by a coalition of community members representing service providers, nonprofits, faith and social activist communities and local governments that came together in 2008 to ensure that homeless people would have shelter during extreme cold weather. It was named in honor of Major Thomas Egan, a Eugene resident who froze to death during a cold spell in 2008."

Egan Warming Center Benefit Show at TSUNAMI BOOKS in Eugene

December 9th, 7:30 - 10:30

$5 - $20 suggested donation (ALL $$$ goes directly to Egan Warming Center)  

There will be snacks and hot drinks as well.